Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Journey begins

Greetings. I am not exactly new to stay at home dad-dom. I did the same thing when Devin was born. The difference is that this time, we can not survive minus the income. This journey has many steps. The first is finding work from home.

That step would almost seem easy. The problem is there are many scams out there. I have found and fell into quite a few. I can still hear my dad saying that there is no get rich quick scheme. I am going to try my hand at freelance writing. I am now working on my masters in counseling and I have been writing a paper a week since January. The average length is four pages and it takes me about an hour. I have had several leads that would pay about 25 dollars per article. Lets see what happens.

Another way that I am going to try to make money is through blogging. This is my second blog. I loved writing the first one, and it was mostly comedy about my life, work, and ministries. This blog will be about my day to day exploits as a stay at home dad.

If anyone reads this and needs a blogger or article writer, or knows someone who does, please let me know. Again, I am not looking for handouts or easy money. I will send some examples of my writing to anyone who needs to see it. You can also help me by keeping me in prayer. This blog will be updated regularly, but the real fun will begin in September, when the little one arrives.

By the way, we still dont have a name for him. My first child was named after University of Miami football players. If anyone wants to suggest some names, please do. Also, do not suggest the name Keanu...I have issues with Keanu Reeves.

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